Thursday, October 15, 2009

The simple life, as told through photography

We don't need to buy toys.

Pure terror.

Ozzy doesn't fit, he's too fat. And chicken.

Enjoying the fall weather with the window open.

Looks like Halloween is coming soon!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I like everything about fall

I never understand why people like summer the best. Sure, there's no school, so when you're young, that's cool. But now, I don't get a summer break, and there's almost nothing good about it. It's always hot and only baseball is going on, which quite obviously is useless to me.

But summer here is nice. The skies are always blue, it's hardly ever hot (although it did reach 90 here once) and there are fewer people on these beaches than on eastern beaches.

But now that fall is here, it's even better. It's cool, but the skies are still blue, and the leaves are changing color. Yes, we have trees that aren't made of pine, but they aren't the only kind we have, so things are still green all winter, too. It's basically perfect. It's football season, and hockey just started. We have our football bar all picked out, and the food is awesome. We just found a bar that shows a ton of hockey games, which will come in handy when the playoffs come around and Versus feels like showing MMA instead of super important playoff hockey.

Speaking of hockey, the Bobcats are 7-0. And I'm not there. I didn't get to see our banner from last year raised, and they might get another one this year. So sad we're missing out, but I have my correspondent Katie to fill us in. It feels weird that I'm not on campus right now, and John isn't coming down to visit so we could hit up hockey games, then order DP Dough. I guess that means we're adults, now.

Although he still kind of gets a summer break. Jerk. I guess I'll just enjoy fall.