Monday, January 20, 2014

A little bit of 'after'

Our house is far from finished. There are boxes stacked high in the guest bedroom. Our bathroom still is a disaster. We need a new roof, siding and an air conditioner, as well as screens in all of our windows. We're waiting on the shipment of our new rug for the living room. We don't have a dining room table. We can't park either of our cars in our one-car garage.

It looks vacant and bare in my eyes. I have way too many plans and not enough money. But it's looking better, feeling better and seeming a bit more like home.

This is the view from our upstairs "hallway." (It's not really long enough to be a hallway; more like a longer version of a "landing.") Please excuse the mess of wires — we do have a plan for them. And as we find interesting items in thrift stores, we will populate the top of the TV cabinet. And I hate that ceiling fan.

And here's looking down our stairs — it gives a good look at our hardwoods upstairs, and our stairs, of course. The labor of...hate? They're rustic but I enjoy the two-toned look (and it's definitely much better than the gross carpet that you used to be there). We knew we'd never be able to match wood colors with stain, so we figured we'd go really dark. Just look at them from far away, ha.

This is the view from our dining room into our living room.

We're very proud of our thrift store find — this awesome wooden globe. The perfect compliment to my brother's painting. 

We don't have a coat closet or an entryway. So we used the empty space under the stairs to hang some coat hooks and a rug on which to leave our shoes. Off to the right is our downstairs bathroom, laundry and the kitchen.