Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm an editor. Can I just say something really quick? EEEEKKK!

Thanks, I feel better.

It's only a weekly page, but it's more than I have ever done before. I'll also be heading into two-a-days next week, and "football tab hell," as John calls it, which is the time of year where we push wayyyy too hard to put together a full-sized preview of every football team in the area. Did I mention that they removed the part-time sports writing position? Because they did. 

Which's just me and John. He must have had so much faith in me to do this job with him, because I happen to know that all the other people who made it to the final cut had more experience than me. He took me to lunch and literally blind-sided me with an interview in which I needed to sell him on the idea of hiring me. Something must have worked, although I may never know what it is.

Maybe it's because we have similar tastes in bad baseball teams.

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