Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pre lives


If you were in Coos Bay for the 30th Annual Prefontaine Memorial Run, then you'd know it, too. Nearly 1400 people raced, with Great Britain and Australia represented. The guy from Australia won, sporting a rocking mustache/sideburn combo a la Steve Prefontaine. His long lost twin, I swear.

Coos Bay isn't big. At all. And people gather here from all over the world, no matter how old they are, just to pay homage to this great runner. That amazes me. Half those people out there weren't even alive while he was alive!

It's humbling, really. I don't like running. In fact, I hate it. But the dedication and love shown today as I saw Bradley Cooper cross that finish line, barely breathing heavy and completely capable of giving me a full interview directly after he finished, was just too much. All for the love of running. All for the love of one man, a man that none of these people knew personally, although I think his sister ran, and his mother was there.

It's unreal. I'll never understand the sport of running, but I will always respect it.

Pre lived again today — I could feel it.

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