Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We're almost organized in the living room and kitchen...and once we get all that done, I'll post more photos to show off the new, wonderful, dry apartment! We still have no idea what exploded in the old apartment to make it decline so quickly, but we're certainly glad we're here, where our refrigerator light turns on, we have a dishwasher, the bathroom has a fan and we don't have to shovel water from one end  of the shower to the drain. And we don't have to leave the window open just to "dry" it out!

But unfortunately, our dining room still looks like this, so it could be awhile. I work too many nights to get this done! The cats like hiding in the boxes though.

I can't believe we're only paying $9 more per month for this place. It's like heaven compared to the old one.

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