Thursday, April 15, 2010

My work day on Thursday

So another photo post. I know. But I like to make you jealous of my job, sometimes. Here's how I spent my afternoon on Thursday (for a story, haha).

Sand railing. Dune buggy-ing. I did it. Sand in my teeth, wind in my face, kind of did it. 

Though I didn't drive, which is probably for the best.

This guy did. He's 80. He's been railing since 1957, which was basically before they were really invented, and definitely before you could buy them in stores and rent them for an hour.

All suited up and on the beach. Pretty sweet ride, for sure. This guy knows how to drive.

He found a crab shell or something. He's a wily one, with so many friends it's ridiculous. And more stories than you can imagine. 

He told me one time he drove by three naked ladies sunbathing where they thought they couldn't be seen, and he was embarrassed. And one time, he ran out of gas in the middle of the dunes, and he was embarrassed then, too. I had a cold, and after we met up for lunch and an interview, he brought me what he called the best cough drops ever when we went buggy-ing. He claimed it cured tonsillitis. I'm not sure about that one, but I'll let you know if they are, indeed, the best cough drops ever.

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