Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coos Bay is (was) a snowglobe

So the Oregon Coast got snow. It was about an inch, but it was awfully pretty. Everyone was freaking out. People at work were saying things like, "glad I don't have to leave for awhile," and "I'm glad I'm not going to lunch, I can't drive in this," and running to the window saying "wow, it's really coming down out there!"

And it was, actually. But it certainly wasn't sticking. It hasn't been cold enough to freeze the ground, making it impossible for the roads to become treacherous. But residents were a little too excited to think there's no way the snow stays around, and yes, Coos Bay schools canceled classes Wednesday early on Tuesday afternoon.

I can play in it? Mommy?

No, maybe we'll just cuddle on the blanket. It is cold after all, and the humans won't turn the heat on.

Ozzy, you've got a little somethin'...

Always cold and wet and sniffing hands awkwardly.

OK, seriously, why is he laying on me? Can you move him?

Actually, he's pretty warm. Maybe I'll just lay here awhile...

As I'm writing this, there's basically no snow left. And yes, Coos Bay gets off school tomorrow. Lucky jerks. It is going to be "cold," i.e. going down to like, 23 degrees, so they said it was because it would be cold and "icy." Geez.

Probably the last snow I'll see until we end up moving! And remember, this storm that stretched all the way up to Washington is probably heading easterly, so heads up Midwest.


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