Thursday, May 17, 2012

Missing the Gorge

Though I only lived in the Columbia River Gorge for about two months, I miss it. A lot. And I didn't realize that until we took a trip to Portland, saw Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens looming on the skyline, covered in snow.

Then we drove to the waterfall-laden part of the gorge, and I just wanted to set up camp and stay there forever. In case anyone wants to save up now for my Christmas present, you're welcome to buy me one of those cute little homes along the Historic Columbia River Highway — there were plenty of them for sale. 

Here's Multnomah Falls — everyone's seen it, but it's still nice to visit. And best to visit before 10 a.m., when things are still quiet.

Here's a waterfall that somehow had escaped me after all these years and visits to the gorge — Latourell Falls. It was easily seen from the parking lot, but was even better when you walked up to it. And you really could walk right up to it, gaze straight up and feel the mist.

A little perspective, since it's difficult to see just how high this falls is: Here's John taking in the misty coolness of Latourell Falls.

The view across the gorge. How amazing would it be to live RIGHT THERE?

Then we stopped at the Vista House, mostly because John hadn't been there and also because I'd never been inside. It's incredibly beautiful!

Of course, the beauty of the view from the Vista House is really why people are there. Sigh.

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