Sunday, October 27, 2013

Before: A new house

We've felt a new kind of pain after ripping up most of the carpets. But it will be a huge transformation once the new floors come in and we get some paint on the walls that isn't tan!

Our kitchen is in pretty good shape, cabinet-wise, but those countertops will definitely have to go.

Our downstairs half bath is a hideous shade of lavender and pretty boring, but definitely not our top priority. At least it has mirrors and a light fixture, unlike the master bathroom.

This is the view from the dining room looking into the living room. It gets very bright with all the windows, and we love it.

One of the worst rooms ever — our guest bedroom. Two walls are gray, two are primary-color blue, and yes, it IS that poorly painted — it's not a trick of the light. Definitely excited to rip off those closet doors and paint it all one color that isn't splotchy.

Here's a bad shot of the master bath — it has no light fixture yet, so it's pretty dark. Obviously they took the light fixture and medicine cabinet, and the shower isn't too great either, but it's livable for now!

Here's the master bedroom (yes, those are mirrored double closet doors, ugh). Once we get the hardwoods down it will be so much nicer.

And the bane of our master bedroom — the weird hotel sink outside the bathroom. It's a different color and style from everything else in the house, and it has at least two layers of terrible wallpaper border along the top. We are at a loss with what to do with this space.

This is what we're calling the kitty bedroom/workout room. It has no closet and is quite small, but will be perfect for the cat food/litter box and an exercise bike. We plan to decorate it with sports-related things.

The carpet is nearly impossible to get off these stairs, but boy will it look so much better when we stain the stairs instead of having this gross plush carpet.

This is the deck off the master bedroom, though it's not stable enough to enjoy quite yet.

Our backyard full of rocks! It's more spacious than the photo indicates, and wraps around the house to the garage. We'll definitely need to do some work here next spring, as the "grassy areas" are more "weedy areas."

But it sure is cute! It will look even better once we re-side it — up close it's got a few troubled spots on the wood siding and has a terrible paint job (these people really sucked at painting, clearly). It's a work in progress, but we love it.

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