Sunday, September 14, 2014

More puppy and a new yard

Yes, I am going to make you look at before and after photos of our new yard before you see latest puppy pictures.

This photo was taken back when we first moved in and before Dad helped us rip that deck off.

And here was our yard about 2 weeks ago.

And here's our yard now! It seems to have survived the last vestiges of summer heat, and our cooler nights and (slightly) cooler days are helping.

OK, now you get pictures of Luna. Here she is, in her preferred sleeping position on my lap. Or John's lap. Any lap, really.

She likes belly rubs, but she also likes to bite you while she gets belly rubs.

You can see her lighter eye better in this photo. Not easy to photograph that.

She likes her soccer ball. Sorry Dad!

We think that right ear is getting ready to stand up.

This is how we "watch football" now.

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