Sunday, June 7, 2009

Inspired by God

Nothing connects me with God more than wandering around in nature, and the vastness of the wilderness, sky, oceans and mountains make it impossible to deny divine creation.

First, Mt. Hood, a mountain near and dear to my heart, my soul and my previous summer internship. The close proximity, accessibility and endless beauty every month of the year never cease to amaze me. I've also explored Mt. St. Helens, but Mt. Adams, Mt. Jefferson, the Three Sisters and Mt. Rainier are on my to-do list. Do you think I have enough time in my life to experience all that beauty that God has to offer?

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting next to a bubbling Pollalie Creek (a roaring river in Ohio). I feel so peaceful sitting inches from clear, icy water flowing from a beautiful mountain, and I could eat my lunch here every day, as bald eagles and hawks soar effortlessly above and the clean, fresh air cleanses my lungs.

Hearing a thundering wall of water tumble over a cliff before it comes into sight feeds the adventurous explorer in everyone, and seeing such a powerful, yet peaceful and beautiful sight hidden well off the beaten path just cements the wonders of God. This gem hidden deep in the Mt. Adams wilderness surprised me with its girth and raw power, and its untapped beauty is unprecedented. There's no physical way of descending to the base of the waterfall, ensuring that man will leave this spot in nature to its own, creative devices.

A beach is peaceful for most people, as they gaze out into the seemingly endless waters, holding wonders that no human eyes have seen. I'll trade the popular beaches any day, where people lay lazily on the sand acquiring skin cancer, and beer bottles stick out of the sand as a McDonald's wrapper blows effortless through the crowds. Could you think of a more disgusting scene? This photo of Cape Blanco, taken in December no less, shows a beach devoid of humans, and until you've walked on a beach like this one, you haven't truly lived.

But sometimes God gets a little rough with us here on Earth. This photo was taken in Wyoming following a survival of this snow/hail storm (in August!) at high elevation. I'd rather not experience that again, but isn't it amazing to look at from a neutral standpoint far away from the state of Wyoming?

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