Monday, December 7, 2009


Should be interesting. We bought a small, fake tree (so sad, but we've got a small place), and immediately put it up and decorated it with all my little knick knacks from my younger years. John doesn't have ANY. So it's a little Steeler heavy.

Not two hours later, we found the tree on the ground, with ornaments everywhere, and one branch in the mouth of Ozzy, chomping hard. So now it's slightly mussed, and sitting in our guest room until we put it in our bedroom because those evil cats will take that tree down again.

Who has Christmas in their bedroom? That's weird. So Christmas morning will be sitting in our small bedroom to enjoy the tree and open presents and eat some french toast with peppermint, our Christmas morning breakfast of choice for this year.

We aren't buying each other true gifts, but we're making stockings (sort of, since we have no where to hang them), with candy and little things in it for a small surprise. We might buy the kitties some tuna, so they feel special. Or something. Yeah, they don't need much more since they tried to destroy our tree.

At least we won't be cold on Christmas, we finally broke and turned the heat on, although very low to save money. It's unseasonably cold here right now, with lows in the lower 30s, but sunny afternoons in the 50s more than make up for it. Winters here are nice...I can still go hiking without freezing my butt off.

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