Saturday, February 26, 2011

An afternoon in the dunes

One of my favorite places, probably because it's so unique, is the dunes. Most people do the ATV thing, but I prefer to hike. Better workout, and it's fun and challenging.

I knew I'd be busy this week, so I wanted to take advantage of a short afternoon off earlier last week. Monday dawned bright and beautiful (though not necessarily warm), so I ducked out of the office for a quick exploration.

View from the top of the tallest dune:

My favorite hiking partner (I never leave home without him!):

A freshwater pond. Wet winter weather brings these about, and they are ICY. But so, so beautiful.

And the sand is so fine, that when it gets wet near the lake, it looks like brown sugar. I left my mark here:

Another plus? We were the only ones out there. Quiet (other than the wind) and serene for miles. Perfect.

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